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Industrialization & EHS Director

Pierre joined Biom’Up in 2015 to lead the Industrialization Department, maintenance, and EHS activities. Prior to working at Biom’Up, he served as Director of Operations and Quality at Unilife, a U.S based manufacturer of injectable drug delivery systems. At Unilife, Pierre was responsible for quality control, operations, supply chain, and  global facility expansion efforts.  Prior to that, Pierre served in multiple global leadership roles across product development, manufacturing, and technical support for Aptar Stelmi SAS.  Earlier in his career, he held industrial development and entrepreneurial leadership roles with Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson. Pierre holds a B.S. in biology and M.S. in Biotechnology and Health Industry Engineering from Rouen Normandie University, France.

Our final goal is without compromise:

The development of our biomaterials to improve patients' Quality of Life is paramount.