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Since its creation, Biom’Up has been committed to a quality approach that ensures the high performance and safety of its products. We are firmly focused on:

  • Complete control over all the activities,
  • Continuous improvement of our processes.
  • Compliance with applicable regulations (in particular 21 CFR 820 for the USA).


Quality to guarantee the safety of our product, we ensure the following:

  • Certified raw materials from approved suppliers.
  • Quality Management System with complete traceability.
  • First-class Quality Control laboratory.
  • Qualification of systems and equipment.
  • Complete virus inactivation and manufacturing process,
  • ISO class 7 and 8 cleanroom facility.
  • Validated and monitored gamma sterilization process.

Our final goal is without compromise:

The development of our biomaterials to improve patients' quality of life is paramount.